Children of Promise Preparatory Academy (COPPA)

Established in 2010, COPPA is a public charter school designed to prepare children for successful learning, empowering them with the ability to make informed and healthy choices. COPPA currently supports children in elementary grades K-8th.

Children of Promise Preparatory Academy (COPPA) was chartered by Inglewood Unified School District and is governed by the rules and regulations as they flow from California Department of Education (CDE).  COPPA is in full compliance and cooperation with these governing agencies.

We serve the unique needs of children in grades K/TK through 8th.  As you know, these are the years that children develop the skills that will ensure their future learning and academic success. We have created an environment that supports the physical, social, emotional, academic and moral fabric of your child’s needs.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

With the use of the Core Knowledge Sequence (CKS) augmented by other learning aides and materials, COPPA provides children with a set of fundamental competencies/skills and specific knowledge that provide a solid, coherent foundation for kindergarten and beyond.  COPPA believes that foundational academic skills and the ability to apply these skills provide the needed framework for a solid academic education and future.

COPPA also believes that parents are the primary educators of their children.  At COPPA, our parents are given opportunities to expand their skills and contribute their talents on a regular basis in order to assume their rightful position as “Primary Educator.”  We encourage parent Participation and Partnership.

Children of Promise Learning Center (COPLC)

After School Programs

The mission of COPLC is to provide a productive, safe and fun after-school program that fosters education, enrichment and recreational activity for elementary school children. COPLC creates a learning environment that develops and nurtures the whole child while helping to improve the academic achievement and social skills for at risk students in a culturally rich and nurturing environment.

COPLC is an After School Program that provides participants with a learning experience that progressively helps them develop in four specific areas: academics, arts, aspirations and athletics. Our program includes academic support, visual arts, music, dance, chess, enrichment activities, and character development in a safe and caring atmosphere. This program is located on the Main Campus between the hours of 3pm and 6pm weekdays.

What makes us special?

Technology Program

Our students learn to use a large range of devices in our blended learning programs. This offers teachers the opportunity to supplement core academic instruction with innovative technology methods that the students enjoy. We use Apple, Google, and Microsoft devices such as, tablets, laptops, desktops, document cameras, display mirroring, and more!

Weekly Intensive Tutoring Program

Teachers provide tutoring to students in a specialized program that reinforces the core standards they learn during class time.

Performing Arts

Launched in 2013, Children of Promise Institute of Performing Arts introduced children to the performing arts, help them discover their natural talents and prepare students to successfully pursue entry into an institute of higher learning and/or a career in the performing arts.

We aim to develop the students academically, artistically and socially so they can become cooperative, responsible and creative young adults with a lifelong interest in performing arts. We believe that these skills will prepare our students to pursue further educational goals and allow them to contribute to the life and well being of society as a whole.

Instrumental Music Enrichment Classes

COPPA has partnered with A-Muse Music Center to provide instrumental music classes (violin, clarinet and trumpet) to our students.

Looping Instructors

Instead of receiving a new teacher each year, COPPA teachers loop into the next grade with their students.